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Barbara's presentations challenge people to overcome insecurities and discover hidden talents and gifts, including these topics:

'It’s Your Turn' keynote

Fun and exciting ways to discover/rediscover your natural strengths and gifts.

'You’re More Than You Think You Are...Really!' workshop

Learn how your hidden strengths can create an authentic second or third career.

'Discover Your Authentic Leadership Style' workshop

Discover powerful self-awareness strategies that influence people and teams for high performance.

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It's Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It!

It's Your  Turn book coverAbout 81 million baby boomers are or will soon be struggling with midlife changes. Midlife is a critical period when a need to redefine life occurs.

“Now what do I do with my life?” and “Who am I?” are questions that surface during midlife transition. Creating second careers, finding purpose in life or exploring new life options are opportunities to create a meaningful midlife transformation. “It’s Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It!” documents Dr. Collins’s midlife transformation, and how she created innovative activities to find her true self.

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Book Reviews

review By Deon Higgins, Journalist

It’s Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It! is recommended reading for anyone, at any age, who is ready to stretch and pursue new goals. It is inspiring, and will be particularly helpful to those grappling with low self-esteem and struggling to bring meaning and purpose to their lives.

Review by Kevin Stanley, African American Baby Boomers

Do you feel stalled? You may have hit a ceiling in your current career. Perhaps you have been downsized or laid-off, and are wondering what your next step should be professionally. Possibly you’re at your company’s mandatory retirement age, but not ready to stop working just yet. Or maybe you’ve sent your kids off to college and are wondering what you should do now.

No doubt, if you are in one of the above situations, you are filled with uncertainty and questions. If you need some clarity, focus and inspiration, Dr. Barbara Collins’s book It’s Your Turn: Find Your Authentic Self and Go Fetch It! May be just what you’ve been looking for! …If you’re ready to start living the life you were meant to live, I wholeheartedly recommend you pick up a copy of It’s Your Turn. As the title suggests, the life you want is out there. GO FETCH IT!

Review By Melinda Cianos, National Association of Baby Boomer Women

Discerning the right career path or the best way to use our talents can only be done where we are in touch with who we are, and that may take some doing. The suggestions offered by Dr. Collin, while not entirely new, are helpful. Those who become inspired and take the time to share their stories are always worth listening to, Dr. Collins is no exception.

New Book!

Look out for Barbara’s second book “Power in Midlife and Beyond: 14 Ways to Create an Authentic Life."

From barbara's clients:

“I read your book, went to a workshop, and I’ve decided that I can do anything I want to do, and I can be anything I want to be. However, I know that I must first find my inner talent and skill.”

— Cynthia J

“The first book club meeting was excellent! Your book has inspired me to do something I've never done before......go to college! I've been on my current job for 19 yrs and have worked my way up to the top, but without a college education. I have enrolled for the fall semester. I submitted paperwork too late for financial aid for the fall semester, but I'm going on in faith and know that God will make a way. Know that your book has changed my life. I will stay in contact with you as I begin this new journey.”

— Joyce

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